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DBC Team Building Event

Published on: 05.02.2021

On a hot Saturday in June, the DBC Vehicle Centre team set off on an off road drive on quad bikes. Not every team-building event has to be formal, what matters is that they are results-oriented – time spent together in great company.
At nine o’clock in the morning it was ready, steady go. The drive plan was clear – challenging heat and off road. Both roads and off roads took us through Outer Riga’s forests and meadows. One of the reference points was the area around the 333 track, which really did offer us an adrenaline rush and proper driving test – hills, plateaus, mud and formidable obstacles.

“I’m proud of my employees! We worked as a team in this event too. If any of us got stuck in the mud, everyone pitched in to help. During the drive, I could assess each of my colleagues, for example, identifying the leader among them and who would take the initiative. This was definitely one of our best team-building events,” says DBC HGV Repair Shop Manager Rihards Mesijs.

We finished the drive with a picnic in Ropaži District. Together, we prepared a campfire site, ate the sandwiches we’d brought with us and discussed our experiences during the drive.

This was an uplifting and exciting team-building event!

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